Inspired by the works of filmmakers like Albert Maysles and Barbara Kopple, Out of the Dirt Productions was formed in October of 2000. Their work has motivated me to use film more effectively as a medium for change. Out of Dirt Production’s mission is to use film to illuminate, then help solve urgent environmental, health and social issues.




Our goal is to shine light on critical issues to make people aware of problems; to get them to connect with how they can make a difference; and to take action to provide solutions. We teach others how to use the medium as an expression of self-empowerment, using film to provide a meaningful, relevant new voice.

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A film about Open House

A New Hope is a documentary about a group of Arab and Jewish teens in Israel who, by example, are pointing the way towards a future of peaceful coexistence in a perpetually volatile region.

Friends of Open House hired Out of the Dirt Productions (Tamra Raven's documentary company) to shoot, produce, direct and edit a short video about a group of Jewish and Arab teenagers from the Jewish-Arab peace education center, Open House, based in Ramle, Israel.

"Just stop the violence" is the message of these Jewish and Arab Israeli teenagers. Founded in 1991, Open House is a Jewish/Arab coexistence center where Jews, Christians and Muslims share a vision of social equality and reconciliation.

It is a meeting place, nursery, summer camp and safe haven.

By getting to know the remarkable teens who have made Open House central to their lives, we observe peace in action in an environment plagued by never-ending violence. Open House encourages participants to develop trust in each other, to re-evaluate attitudes and to appreciate similarities across what has previously seemed a national divide.

A New Hope demonstrates real possibilities by example. Some have declared that Jews and Arabs can never live side by side, while others feel that this region can only truly nurture a single population. Yet, compelling evidence to the contrary exists right before our eyes in this film.

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